Wedding Dinner…💗

       🦄; Hello everyone! I know it's crazy when I blog a lot of things in just a week and then when I get busy, I don't update at all.😅Inconsistency and I'm sorry for that. I'm trying my best to keep up with my work here!💗 This is my first GRWM from the... Continue Reading →

Trust it…❄️

 🌸; Hope y'all are having a good day! I apologize for this late blog post. I've been really busy lately. This blog post is all about my experience in the past week.❤️I really missed blogging though .😔 🥀; Good things take time, good things are never easy. I am indeed grateful for what God has... Continue Reading →


💙; Happy Tuesday , beauts! I wanted to simply blog about something very commonly experienced by every girl who loves dressing up. Sounds very cliché but admit it you've somehow got yourself into this fashion dilemma. You guessed it! Today's blog post is all about finding your style.💁🏻  ✨; THE LITTLE THINGS : First things... Continue Reading →

Swatch Party…🍭

✨; Hello love bugs! This blog post is going to be somewhat a swatch party. 🎉Huda Beauty Nude Edition Liquid Mattes and Lip Contour came in the mail today.🙌🏼( Thank you to the IG seller for the excellent service.)😌 I've also listed out the cheaper dupes for every shade in the Nude Edition.😛 💚; First... Continue Reading →

Her path…🌸

❤️; Happy Monday, loves.😍 As promised I'm back with a blog post for you guys.🙌🏼 I'm here to let you all know a little bit of my personal life. ( not too much, just a little bit)😅 As you guys know I just graduated from high school. (not "just" but 6 months ago.)😕 Finally, I've... Continue Reading →

I discovered…✨

I bet this is not the first time you see a nerd starting up a fashion and beauty blog, right? 😛 Welcome to my third blog. I finally decided to begin blogging here after doing some homework on blogging. (Congrats to me😌) ❤️; Note to those who are interested in blogging: Get to know about... Continue Reading →

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